Thoughts on Tomorrow’s Elections 2012

Personally…I can’t wait for the elections to be over, regardless of who wins. I’m tired of the whole mess.

I’m tired of the endless phone calls (how do they get around the Do Not Call list, by the way?) promoting candidates and political rhetoric, or asking you to take surveys – automated, mind you, so when the answering machine picks up, it records this barrage of non-stop blather until the message time ends.


I’m tired of endless political commercials on every primary TV channel, with the predictable attacks  on the opposing candidates, at all levels, from presidential down to state and local officials.


I’m tired of people being blind to facts – I mean, real facts and figures, on where America is now in so many areas of our lives, compared to where it used to be even a decade ago. Nobody seems willing to accept any personal responsibility – it’s always the OTHER guy’s fault.


I’m tired of no completely true and reliable source of info about any candidate – what one side promotes as true, the opposite side claims the exact same facts are false.


I’m tired of not having any genuinely unbiased source of news, that doesn’t appear to have been bought out by one side or the other, or by some special interest group.


But I think I’m especially tired of how personal this election has become for so many people – I’m over 50, so I’ve been around for a lot of elections – but I honestly don’t remember one that has become so vitriolic on a personal level, with people who were formerly civil and decent people, turning to name-calling and personal attacks on anyone who doesn’t agree with them.


This has become especially obvious on Facebook, where comments and arguments on personal timelines as well as in groups, have become especially vicious and hateful. So many people are trying so hard to change other people’s minds by shaming or bullying them, when each side is just as convinced of being right as the other side – and no amount of hateful talk is going to change anyone’s mind (not to mention that is exactly the WRONG way to try to change someone’s mind!)


I can’t help but wonder how everyone who has treated his or her co-workers, friends (?), and family members so poorly because of strongly held political beliefs is going to feel on Wednesday, the day AFTER the elections. Just go back to life as usual? Pretend hateful words were never spoken?


I don’t know if that is realistically possible. It’s one thing to disagree with people’s beliefs about anything- it’s another thing entirely to make it personal, and call them names, beat them down verbally, and bully them, just because their opinion is different than yours.


Regardless of who wins Elections 2012, I’m afraid life will never be the same – not just on a political and national level, but on a personal level, because of the damaging words spoken in the heat of the moment. That’s just sad to think about… that political opinions are more important than personal relationships.


This is one of my favorite images on Facebook right now:

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How about you? Do you find the entire political climate uncomfortable and distasteful?


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2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Tomorrow’s Elections 2012”
  1. I found you through BlogHer.

    I don’t live in a swing state, so I haven’t been inundated by phone calls and mailings; I rarely watch television, so I haven’t been assaulted by commercials. But I am on Facebook, and I have “hidden” a lot of people who have posted ugly political things. I don’t hide those who post thoughtful comments, but the ones who post distorted images or copied lists of lies — things that have been debunked time and again. I hide them.

    I make my share of political posts as well, but I filter them, so that those whom I know will disagree with me don’t see them. Not because I am afraid to own my positions, but because doing so invariably winds up in a flame war between two or more of my friends who don’t even know each other. It’s horrible.

    Like you, I am eager for the election to be over.
    Alicia recently posted..5. My thoughts about tomorrow’s election

  2. You know, you’re 100% correct. Words have power, beyond what most people understand, and they can/will/do change the atmosphere around a person.

    I also especially enjoyed what you said about unbiased news no longer being an option. In many ways, unbiased reporting in print disappeared with the founding of the New York Post; the founder demanded his reporters look for “sensational” news stories to drive sales. Bias was absolutely a part of that company.
    Television bias, I believe, disappeared sometime within the early to mid-nineties. It seems to have corresponded to the Clinton campaigns, though not directly caused by them, in my opinion.
    Regardless, I think the “old media” is at its end, as far as usefulness goes. Today, the best reporting and so forth that you’ll find happens to be on blogs, and within user-owned and operated news sites.

    As far as people not being informed, I think a great deal of that can be explained by stress induced amnesia; willful ignorance; or simple felonious stupidity.

    In light of this entry, you may appreciate the stance taken in this blog:

    I am not telling people who to vote for, unlike certain unmentioned groups, but I am looking to shed light on very real, verifiable, facts. Hope you enjoy it.

    Thanks, also, for such an excellent reminder on the power of words!!
    Andrew Ross recently posted..Ladies and Gentlemen, The Morons of the United States…

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