The Value of Networking

Do you participate in networking with other writers or freelancers in other areas of specialization?

In my experience, networking has made significant differences in my productivity, my time management, and my overall sense of “community” with like-minded people.

Let’s face it, everyone needs encouragement from time to time. Accountability partners provide a valuable service, as well. It’s one thing to list your goals for the day for your own benefit – it’s quite another to regularly list them in a group with others doing likewise.

In addition to that accountability factor, you can also benefit from the encouraging environment, shared tips for success, inspiration and motivation, and support when things don’t go quite as expected.

If you stay with a group of people with mutual goals long enough, you learn you can trust each other, and often form valuable friendships and alliances.  This often initiates additional benefits, such as shared promotional efforts, more exposure for each other’s endeavors, guest blogging, and/or bartering of professional services.

You can find valuable networking groups on various private forums, Ning, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many other places. Whether you join one or a few, you will likely notice a positive change in your overall attitude and achievement of goals.

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  1. Dee - January 11, 2012 Reply

    Social Networking has been great for business. A few mins here are there and it really does expand your horizons and open up new contacts.

  2. Selina@Total Curve - January 24, 2012 Reply

    The last 6 weeks I have been pondering this exact topic and finally got and hour to get on my desktop and Google the subject. This article has really given me more thoughts and perspectives on netowrking, which are really interesting. Thank you for taking time to pen these kinds of things to share.

    – Selina

  3. Lana @ Keep Calm and Trust God - January 24, 2012 Reply

    This is just what I needed to read. The value of networking is not always seen for what it is.

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