The First 12 Days of January 2012

During these first 12 days of January 2012 – interesting dates – yesterday was 01-11-12 and today is 01-12-12 … sorry,  I got distracted.

Anyway, these first 12 days of January have yielded three top posts with an equal number of comments, and a fourth only one behind – all during the first four days of the month.  Seems to be a common theme, too – establishing goals, making/accepting changes, building more self-confidence, and taking better care of ourselves.

Let’s revisit them:

Jan. 1 – Welcome 2012 – Time to Establish Goals 

So – have you? Established some goals? Have you already modified some of them?  I know I have already … which brings us to the next one:

Jan. 2 – Each New Year Brings … Change

How many changes have you already made or seen in these first 12 days of the new year? One major (or formerly major) content mill has once again announced big changes, to the dismay of its remaining writers who still try to earn some money there.

Jan.  3 – 10 Confidence-Building Quotes from Joyce Meyer

So how are you doing? I am once again amazed at the timing of that blog post in light of events of THIS week, when many people are in need of a boost in their self-confidence!

Jan. 4 – What Are You Doing for YOU This Year?

What good habits have you begun, or plan to begin, with a focus on taking better care of YOU? This could be plans to get healthier, relax more, take up a hobby, spend more time with family and friends … anything that can contribute to a happier, healthier, more self-confident YOU in 2012!

Remember, as we approach the second half of January: 

Confident people do not concentrate on their weaknesses; they develop and maximize their strengths.”  ~~ Joyce Meyer

Source: Shared by Positive Inspirational Quotes & Noetic Alchemy with Public on Facebook.

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