Changing Behavior and Reigniting Motivation

Well, today has been a momentous and historical day, with the inauguration of our 45th president. The Ultimate Blog Challenge writing prompt, fittingly, is to discuss our opinions on a current event in the world, or a heated topic. In this case, I think I’ve had enough of controversial topics, unless someone considers it heated … Read more

Caption This Photo – Help Make It Go Viral!

It’s definitely a Monday. I’ve been sick for a few days with what appears to be the flu and/or a sinus infection…NOT fun!  So today’s Ultimate Blog Challenge writing prompt is actually really easy and good for today: Post a picture and ask readers to make it go viral! So here it is – my … Read more

Added Value List: Resources and Products You Might Enjoy

Wow, we’re halfway through January already – the third of five Sundays this month (and first of five months with five Sundays!)  Today’s Ultimate Blog Challenge writing prompt was to create another type of resource list (still working on the one suggested for the 7th!) of resources, services, or products you readers might enjoy or … Read more

Turn Your Life Around in 2017

Happy January 12th! Nearly halfway through the first month of 2017 already! How are things going for you so far? Today’s Ultimate Blog Challenge writing prompt is to share and discuss a quote. Since I enjoy doing this on a regular basis, especially over on my Words of Encouragement blog, I decided to browse older … Read more

Videos Featuring K-Lee’s Kreations and Satisfied Customers

Today’s Ultimate Blog Challenge writing prompt is to share a video – or two!  Since one of my new year’s goals is to promote my other business more, I just happen to have two nice videos people have created for me about my K-Lee’s Kreations business. 🙂   ~~*~~ So since I’ve already shared how … Read more