Beware the Paper Mills – Unethical and Should Be Illegal!

Beware the Paper Mills!! They’re unethical and they SHOULD be illegal! Students should ALWAYS write their own papers, NOT cheat their way through school!     I’m sure you have seen them – ads offering the “opportunity” for students to PURCHASE papers (essays, research papers, even dissertations!!) crafted by “professional” writers.   I have looked … Read more

What Are Your Dream Quenchers?

I’m still playing catchup with posts – I started writing this post last night, but kept falling asleep! Yesterday’s  NaBloPoMo writing prompt required some soul-searching: What is getting in the way of you reaching for your dreams? First I guess I should identify what some of my dreams are regarding my career goals: *  Build … Read more

When Risk Pays Off

Some of these “risky” topics overlap, but today’s writing prompt is: Name a time when a risk you took paid off. Well, I shared a post yesterday about an enormous risk that paid off, in the sparing of three young lives. This time I’ll share another life-changing risk that has paid off for me. After … Read more

Great Risks – Great Rewards

The NaBloPoMo writing prompt for today is to consider the following question: Do you believe the saying that with great risks come great rewards? Given the parameters I mentioned in yesterday’s intro post on the topic of taking risks, as long as you’re not placing yourself or another person in the way of known bodily … Read more

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