Is the Best Healer a Wounded Healer?

It has been my practice for awhile to have daily devotions and prayer time first thing in the morning. I have some of Joyce Meyer’s devotional books and one by Ruth Myers, along with my Bible. On Sundays, in addition to reading my Bible and daily devotional thoughts, I go through my devotional books and … Read more

Celebrate Women on International Women’s Day-and Beyond!

March 8, International Women’s Day  – Let’s celebrate US, ladies! [Shared with the Facebook Public by Fiona Childs – shared over 20,500 times as of 8:30pm today!] I am proud to be a good woman, and to have three adult daughters who are happy, successful, good women. I am thrilled to have a beautiful almost … Read more

More Risk – More Reward

In this ongoing theme for the month of March regarding risk, today’s NaBloPoMo writing prompt is: What is the riskiest thing you’ve ever done?  How did it turn out? Again, these prompts overlap a bit, and I’ve already shared two other significant risks I’ve taken that I think could easily tie for “riskiest” — *Great … Read more

When Risk Pays Off

Some of these “risky” topics overlap, but today’s writing prompt is: Name a time when a risk you took paid off. Well, I shared a post yesterday about an enormous risk that paid off, in the sparing of three young lives. This time I’ll share another life-changing risk that has paid off for me. After … Read more

Who’s In Your Circle of Friends?

I read this devotional thought today about our “circle of friends” and realized what an important concept this is not only for the sake of friendship and socialization, but also for networking and professional growth. ******* “I believe we need to have what I call ‘divine connections.’ In other words, pray about your circle of … Read more