Preventing Procrastination: Removing the Barriers and Lack of Self-Control

Today’s post in the “Preventing Procrastination, Prizing Prioritizing, and Pursuing Purpose” series I introduced in yesterday’s post is on how procrastination is a barrier and indicates a lack of self-control. It’s really humbling to look back over decades of my life (yes, DECADES – I’m 58!) and see how procrastination has unfortunately been a constant … Read more

Procrastination, Priorities, and Purpose – Part 1 – Defining Procrastination

As we wind down the summer, and head into fall and the holiday season, I thought I would rerun a popular series of blog posts I originally published 2-3 years ago. The theme for this series is “Preventing Procrastination, Prizing Prioritizing, and Pursuing Purpose.” Today we’ll start on the topic of procrastination.   It’s a … Read more

Lacking Confidence? Check Out These Top 10 Confidence-Building Quotes by Joyce Meyer

Do you lack confidence in any areas of your life? I admit this is often a struggle for me, in some areas of life for various reasons. I am slowly learning to focus on my strengths and accomplishments as a means to combat those feelings of little confidence. I find it’s also helpful to read … Read more

Are You Reaching Your Goals? Or Do You Have No Goals to Reach? August 5 Motivation

Setting goals … this may seem like a “buzz phrase” used by mentors, coaches, educators, fitness professionals, and many other people. Yet setting goals in life is essential to keep us moving forward, rather than sliding backwards–or perhaps worse, standing still and stagnating. Think of a slimy, green pond with no inlet or outlet, and … Read more

December 4–> Too Late to Learn Infographic

Oh, my! I looked at the calendar and realized Christmas is only 3 weeks away–yikes! Where did the time go? Where did the YEAR go?   Back on topic, the Thursday theme from the Article Writing Challenge is all about infographics. So here is another interesting one a writer friend located for me.  Are we … Read more

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