Purpose is Determination to Achieve Goals

Wow, the last Monday in January! Today’s Ultimate Blog Challenge writing prompt is to discuss determination. So I thought I’d snag a post I wrote as part of a series I shared awhile back about Preventing Procrastination, Prizing Prioritizing, and Pursuing Purpose. (You can catch the review and links to the entire series HERE). ~~*~~ … Read more

Arriving at Decisions by a Certain Age

Decisions, decisions. They’re in our face all the time, every day. They also range from minor, like choosing what clothes to wear, or what food to eat — to life-changing, such as a career change or lifestyle change. I sometimes second guess decisions, such as pursuing my Doctor of Education degree, since it has taken … Read more

Overcome Procrastination by Pulling Down Strongholds

Overcome procrastination by pulling down those strongholds!   One ongoing challenge I continue to face is the existence of strongholds in my life–especially in the area of procrastination. I’m not consciously CHOOSING to procrastinate, but it just seems to be a constant, unwelcome companion.   *Ongoing issues with procrastination indicate an established stronghold or repetitive behavior … Read more

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