Choosing to Live Intentionally – Belated Women with Intention Wednesday Post

Choosing to Live Intentionally – Belated Women with Intention Wednesday Post

Living Intentionally     [I *INTENDED* to reshare this post yesterday, but other offline obligations pulled me away from being online all day!] The midweek day is here again and that means a post about living intentionally on Women with Intention Wednesday!    This seems like a timely excerpt for today from the Daily Devotions … Read more

Springing Ahead, Following Through, and Finishing What You Start

It’s that time again! Don’t forget to set your clock ahead one hour, before you go to bed tonight – if you live in the US and observe Daylight Savings Time! ~~*~~ So, true confession: I have had a chronic case of NOT following through and finishing things (as family members could confirm) … and … Read more

Happy March 1st!! Did You Start Something? Maybe You Should!

Happy March 1st! Don’t Go Starting Anything!! Or Maybe You SHOULD? 😉   Welcome (or welcome back) to my K. Lee Banks Consultant blog, where I endeavor to share motivational and/or inspirational thoughts  that will hopefully uplift your spirit and speak to your life in some way.  I have decided to post here four days … Read more

What Are You Doing for YOU in 2017?

Are You Taking Care of YOU? 🙂   That may sound like a selfish title or idea – but it really isn’t. Think about it – if you do all you can to take care of yourself, it means you will be a better person for all those people in your life who care about … Read more

Focus Forward Not Backward to Pursue Your Purpose

You have to focus FORWARD, not backward, in order to pursue your purpose!   This was the final regular post in my series on Preventing Procrastination, Prizing Prioritizing, and Pursuing Purpose – it seems timely to share it again as we progress into our second month of 2017.   If you’re interested, you can catch … Read more