Modifying Behaviors and Reigniting Motivation – August 6 Motivation

Happy first Saturday in August! I  want to again apologize for my disappearance from this blog. Life and its various demands and obligations called me away, and I needed to prioritize them for maximum productivity.   Many times we need to engage in modifying behaviors and reigniting motivation to accomplish all we want to do … Read more

How to Pursue Our Purpose: Decide to Live Differently

So here’s the “Let’s wrap up this month victoriously” plan: 5 days left in the month, 4 posts to make up to be on schedule – so that looks like 2 posts a day until the last day – sounds like a plan to me! 😉 This post is the first of four on the … Read more

Procrastination Is…An Unwillingness to Finish What We Start

OK, I admit: this next post in my blog series on Preventing Procrastination and Pursuing Purpose is one that especially troubles me. Procrastination is an unwillingness to finish what we start. It makes me experience a strange combination of feelings, including anger, defensiveness, frustration, and guilt. Am I really *unwilling* to finish what I start? … Read more

My Want To Is Fighting with My Have To

Yes, you heard it here first: my “want to” is fighting with my “have to” in a battle for dominance and attention. You know how it goes; there are those things you WANT to do vs. those things you HAVE to do. Sometimes it’s just so hard to get motivated enough to do those necessary … Read more

Multiple Blogs-Seemed Like a Good Idea!

Since a couple readers commented and asked WHY I would be trying to maintain several (EIGHT) blogs, I thought I would post about it (and I apologize in advance for cross-posting most of the same post between this and my OH4H blog). This was my initial response to those readers: Eight blogs … well, that’s … Read more

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