Procrastination Is…An Unwillingness to Finish What We Start

OK, I admit: this next post in my blog series on Preventing Procrastination and Pursuing Purpose is one that especially troubles me. Procrastination is an unwillingness to finish what we start. It makes me experience a strange combination of feelings, including anger, defensiveness, frustration, and guilt. Am I really *unwilling* to finish what I start? … Read more

My Want To Is Fighting with My Have To

Yes, you heard it here first: my “want to” is fighting with my “have to” in a battle for dominance and attention. You know how it goes; there are those things you WANT to do vs. those things you HAVE to do. Sometimes it’s just so hard to get motivated enough to do those necessary … Read more

Multiple Blogs-Seemed Like a Good Idea!

Since a couple readers commented and asked WHY I would be trying to maintain several (EIGHT) blogs, I thought I would post about it (and I apologize in advance for cross-posting most of the same post between this and my OH4H blog). This was my initial response to those readers: Eight blogs … well, that’s … Read more

If I Could Change One Thing In My Life

What an interesting question: If you could change one thing about your life right now, what would it be? This is the NaBloPoMo writing prompt for today, and it’s difficult to choose just ONE thing…but I do know one area that would in turn help improve other areas in my life. The one thing I … Read more

Inspiration from Joyce Meyer

At “lucky” UBC post #13 is the topic of who inspires me most.  When my Dad was alive, he certainly did, with his faith in God and his example of how to live one’s life fully committed to God and family. For many years now, though, I have drawn inspiration and motivation from Joyce Meyer, … Read more