Looking Back: From Mommy Made Fashions to K-Lee’s Kreations!

Today’s Ultimate Blog Challenge writing prompt is fun and meaningful to me for a couple of reasons. The idea is to step into the proverbial “time machine” and discuss something from our past. I decided to share how my home-based business grew from where it was, as Mommy Made Fashions, to where it is today, … Read more

She Would Have Been 83 Today

My Mom would have been 83 today. She passed away on July 7, 2011,  only about 14 months after this picture was taken. Ironically, her little dog companion, Annie, also passed away a few months before Mom did. I mentioned these in a previous post ten days ago, on the six-month anniversary of her death, … Read more

My Mom Passed Away Six Months Ago

It doesn’t seem possible, but my Mom passed away six months ago today. My Dad is also gone, since September 2, 2002. It’s odd to think of myself and my three siblings as “orphans,” since we’re all adults – but one of the church leaders who led Mom’s memorial service talked to us shortly after … Read more

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