Melting in Maine-Welcoming Visitors-Embracing Flexibility

So I didn’t get a chance to post last night, due to a chain of events (watch for TWO posts tonight!) For one thing, we are m-e-l-t-i-n-g here in Maine, like so many people are around the country. High 90s, oppressive humidity, and no AC here at home just don’t help people like me with … Read more

Welcome…Spring?? Out with the OLD – in with the NEW!

Hurray! First day of spring…but you wouldn’t know it here in Maine, since we got about a foot of new **SNOW** overnight!

Surprise! And you thought it was spring!!






It’s pretty, but really…enough is enough!








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When Risk Pays Off

Some of these “risky” topics overlap, but today’s writing prompt is: Name a time when a risk you took paid off. Well, I shared a post yesterday about an enormous risk that paid off, in the sparing of three young lives. This time I’ll share another life-changing risk that has paid off for me. After … Read more

Spring Forward – Make It Happen March

Happy March 1st! This may be the month in which *spring* shows up on the calendar, but this first day of the *spring* month  was again more like winter! Chilly and snow flurries throughout the day – but that’s typical for the New England states, and Maine in particular. You probably have heard the expression … Read more

Misadventures of Plowing – Blizzard Nemo 2013

So how is everyone who was in the path of the Blizzard of 2013, which someone named “Nemo”? We got over two feet of snow, some drifted to 3 or 4 feet high snow banks – and we still have gusting winds and blowing snow, and COLD temps! My poor hubby, Dave – he got … Read more

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