Re-Introducing 10 Things About Me

Just watched my favorite football team, the New England Patriots, win against the Baltimore Ravens, so they will go onto their 4th straight AFC Championship game (and hopefully win that one and go onto win the Super Bowl!) 🙂 Didn’t know I was a football fan? Well, I guess it’s time to re-introduce a past … Read more

Join My Online Scavenger Hunt – Win Custom Made Pillow!

This is my official January 8 post–on January 8th! What a concept! 🙂 And THIS should be fun!   [Source: morgueFile free photos]   The writing prompt from the Ultimate Blog Challenge for day 8 of January is: Day 8: Time for a Contest or Promo People love contests! Why don’t you come up with … Read more

Talents? Who, Me? or How I Create Imprinted Photos on Fabric

—Yay, January 3rd and my third post…so far, so good! Now I just have to get my other seven blogs up and running, and I’ll be on my way to meeting my early goals for 2015. 🙂     So the writing prompt from the Ultimate Blog Challenge nicely dovetails with yesterday’s post about writing … Read more

My Home-Based Biz: K-Lee’s Kreations

In addition to my freelance work from my home office here in the beautiful state of Maine, where the fall foliage is simply amazing right now, I have another home-based business: K-Lee’s Kreations. *Home in Maine* One of today’s writing prompts for the Ultimate Blog Challenge (UBC) is to discuss our first business venture. While … Read more