Need a Boost of Confidence? Check Out My Top 10 List of Joyce Meyer Quotes on Confidence

It’s Monday again. Are you feeling the Monday blues? Today’s Ultimate Blog Challenge writing prompt is to create a “TOP 10″ list… and I just happen to have a previously published “Top 10″ list of Joyce Meyer quotes on confidence. It has been one of my most popular posts, so I thought I would share … Read more

Ending Your Day Right by Exploring Motives of Your Heart

Here we are, two weeks into 2017!  It’s hard to comprehend that just 15 days ago, it was still last year–yet here we are, transitioning into a new year!   I wonder how many of us are still holding onto negative feelings about events of 2016, whether for legitimate reasons (my hubby losing his brother, … Read more

Lacking Confidence? Check Out These Top 10 Confidence-Building Quotes by Joyce Meyer

Do you lack confidence in any areas of your life? I admit this is often a struggle for me, in some areas of life for various reasons. I am slowly learning to focus on my strengths and accomplishments as a means to combat those feelings of little confidence. I find it’s also helpful to read … Read more

November 4 – Top 10 Quotes to Build Confidence by Joyce Meyer

Thank you for visiting and following my blog! Do you see YOUR face over in the right margin as a Networked Blog follower? 😉 I am continuing with my thematic blog posts, based on ideas from the Ultra Blog Challenge and the Article Writing Challenge. Tuesdays are designated as “Top 10” list days, so for … Read more

How to Pursue Our Purpose-Part 7: Initiate Solutions

I am still on a mission to continue my own personal “Blogathon” so I can finally finish this series on Preventing Procrastination, Prizing Prioritizing, and Pursuing Purpose – focusing on this third and final segment on pursuing purpose. Thanks again to all who have followed along, read, and commented… and if you’re just stopping in … Read more

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