Change Your Behavior to Reignite Motivation

Change Your Behavior to Reignite Motivation

Motivation Monday: Behavior and Motivation     [Take 2 on blogging consistently for August! I was a bit busy last week preparing for a weekend trip out of state to visit my granddaughters and making gifts for a bridal shower for my oldest nephew’s fiancee.] It’s MOTIVATION MONDAY! Many times we need to engage in … Read more

Finally Friday: FAQs for K. Lee Banks, Freelance Consultant Services

Finally Friday– Exploring FAQs About MY KLB Biz!   Hey, it’s Finally Friday – for real and here on my blog! And since I’m still endeavoring to participate in the Ultimate Blog Challenge for the rest of the month, I thought I’d pick up today’s writing prompt about answering questions people have asked me. So I’m … Read more

Midweek Musings on Moving Forward Toward Doctor of Education Degree

Good evening! Today’s Ultimate Blog Challenge writing prompt was to look at headlines on magazine covers. The first magazine I looked at had a headline that said “Moving Forward.” So my subsequent thought was… Moving forward in my doctoral journey toward my Doctor of Education degree!!! I am now in the midst of my study, … Read more

Learn More About My Businesses with Answers to These FAQs!

Welcome to the second day of 2017! How are you doing? Any special plans or events upcoming for this first month of the new year? As I mentioned in my New Year’s Day post, my plan for January is to participate in the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Each day I receive an email with suggested topics … Read more

You Are NOT Too Old to Learn!

As a lifelong learner myself, and an education professional within a month or two of having my Doctor of Education degree (at the age of 58 – turning 59 in March 2017!), I can state emphatically you are NOT too old to learn!  Especially with the prevalence of online learning, the pursuit of higher education … Read more