Facing Your Fears and Moving Forward: Part 9 of 9

Welcome back  – we made it!  Tonight I’ll wrap up this series with part 9 of my 9-part series reflecting on fears confronted, lessons learned, and progress made – and then taking all that new found wisdom to build a plan for success as we focus forward on the second half of 2013. There’s a … Read more

Spring Forward – Make It Happen March

Happy March 1st! This may be the month in which *spring* shows up on the calendar, but this first day of the *spring* month  was again more like winter! Chilly and snow flurries throughout the day – but that’s typical for the New England states, and Maine in particular. You probably have heard the expression … Read more

Focus on Weaknesses – or Fulfill Your Potential

Yes, I tried – blogging past midnight again, that is – because I did OTHER stuff all day long, while also trying to enjoy a leisurely weekend! Then, of course, hubby and I watched the Super Bowl, in spite of the strange power outage that delayed the game – and in spite of the fact … Read more

February Offers New Month, New Opportunities to Succeed

So the second month of 2013 has arrived…and with it, winter has returned to Maine! We have had some bizarre weather over the last couple days of January – more like a spring thaw than normal January winter weather. But now, with the beginning of February, apparently winter temperatures, at least, have decided to remind … Read more

If I Could Change One Thing In My Life

What an interesting question: If you could change one thing about your life right now, what would it be? This is the NaBloPoMo writing prompt for today, and it’s difficult to choose just ONE thing…but I do know one area that would in turn help improve other areas in my life. The one thing I … Read more

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