Procrastination Is…An Inability to Fulfill Our Potential

The next post in my blog series on Preventing Procrastination and Pursuing Purpose is: Procrastination is an inability to fulfill our potential.    Photo Credit: This is a topic I’ve discussed before, so I’m going to borrow some content from an earlier post.   The word potential (thanks, online dictionary) means “capable of being … Read more

Preventing Procrastination: What Is It and Why Do We Do It?

Welcome to the beginning of my new blog series. The theme for this one is “Preventing Procrastination and Pursuing Purpose.” It’s a commonly repeated adage: “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.”  OK, maybe not intentionally, but it happens, nevertheless. Sad, but true.  Unfortunately, procrastination often enters into the picture and contributes to the … Read more

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