Live for TODAY–Not Yesterday or Tomorrow

Counting down to the final week or so of the Ultimate Blog Challenge for July – and here’s post #23. I shared this today on my Facebook page, but it seems like a good blog post that complements the series I finished recently about Facing Your Fears and Moving Forward.   Photo Credit: I’m … Read more

Striving for Excellence

Happy third Sunday in July! Today we were blessed with a break in the oppressive heat and humidity, with temps of about 80 instead of upper 90s, and low humidity. It actually feels on the chilly side this evening, in the upper 50s or low 60s! It’s what I call “deliciously chilly” after such horrible … Read more

Determined to Succeed

It’s Day 20 and you know what that means: only 11 days left in the Ultimate Blog Challenge and I am determined to succeed this time in completing the challenge. I believe I can, since even on those couple of days I had no time to post, I made up the next day each time … Read more

Are You Not Reaching Your Goal – or Do You Have No Goal to Reach?

In anticipation of my next series (Preventing Procrastination and Pursuing Purpose), I’m borrowing and revising this post that I wrote about four months ago on one of my other blogs. Setting goals … a task that may seem like a “buzz phrase” used by mentors, coaches, educators, fitness professionals, and many other people. Yet setting … Read more

Facing Your Fears and Moving Forward: Part 9 of 9

Welcome back  – we made it!  Tonight I’ll wrap up this series with part 9 of my 9-part series reflecting on fears confronted, lessons learned, and progress made – and then taking all that new found wisdom to build a plan for success as we focus forward on the second half of 2013. There’s a … Read more