Are You Reaching Your Goals? Or Do You Have No Goals to Reach? August 5 Motivation

Setting goals … this may seem like a “buzz phrase” used by mentors, coaches, educators, fitness professionals, and many other people. Yet setting goals in life is essential to keep us moving forward, rather than sliding backwards–or perhaps worse, standing still and stagnating. Think of a slimy, green pond with no inlet or outlet, and … Read more

Dusting Off, Owning Up, and Getting Back Into Blogging – August 4 2016 Update and Future Plans

Hello there! Happy August! Pardon me while I make my way through the cobwebs of this long neglected blog! Phew. The dust that has gathered here is truly sneeze-worthy! I sincerely apologize to anyone who WAS following this, my primary blog, at one time, and I hope to regain your readership…along with gaining many more … Read more

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