The Mad Mouse Mission

This is a special day in our home: five of our fur babies turn 7 years old! They originally showed up in our yard in fall 2009 as a litter of feral kittens, smaller than squirrels.  Being the tenderhearted people we are, we couldn’t ignore these helpless little fur babies, so we used a safe … Read more

Re-Introducing 10 Things About Me

Just watched my favorite football team, the New England Patriots, win against the Baltimore Ravens, so they will go onto their 4th straight AFC Championship game (and hopefully win that one and go onto win the Super Bowl!) 🙂 Didn’t know I was a football fan? Well, I guess it’s time to re-introduce a past … Read more

My Favorite Pets-One Black Lab and Six Cats!

I am once again in a conundrum trying to choose only ONE “favorite” item (as in last night’s post about my “best” meal I’ve ever cooked). The NaBloPoMo writing prompt for today is to discuss my favorite pet. I couldn’t choose between our pets to name any one as my favorite, although since Kita is … Read more

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