Happy February 1st – Let’s Pursue Positivity and Negate Negativity!

Happy February 1st! 🙂  Here’s a novel idea for this month known for celebrating love… Let’s pursue positivity by negating negativity! That’s one way to overcome  a bad attitude! I’m still endeavoring to follow my challenge I issued on my other blog: No Complaining or Negativity in 2017! Of course, it wouldn’t be reasonable to … Read more

Spring Forward – Make It Happen March

Happy March 1st! This may be the month in which *spring* shows up on the calendar, but this first day of the *spring* month  was again more like winter! Chilly and snow flurries throughout the day – but that’s typical for the New England states, and Maine in particular. You probably have heard the expression … Read more

February Offers New Month, New Opportunities to Succeed

So the second month of 2013 has arrived…and with it, winter has returned to Maine! We have had some bizarre weather over the last couple days of January – more like a spring thaw than normal January winter weather. But now, with the beginning of February, apparently winter temperatures, at least, have decided to remind … Read more

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