September 2: In Memory of My Dad 11 Years Later

On this date, also Labor Day 11 years ago, my beloved Dad left his lymphoma-wracked body and entered his eternal reward in Heaven, with the Lord he served his entire life. While his passing left an enormous void in the lives of all of us family members and his many friends, he also left behind … Read more

Prioritizing Our Priorities

Happy Saturday to all! I’m back, really, to continue my series on Preventing Procrastination, Prizing Prioritizing, and Pursuing Purpose. I’ve just been implementing some of what I’ve been blogging about, as in working on priorities…or perhaps, more accurately, prioritizing my priorities! The dictionary definition of priority is “Precedence, especially established by order of importance or … Read more

Mom Has Been Gone for Two Years Today

This is a “two-fer” Sunday (two posts in one day), because today marks two years since my Mom passed away, and I want to revive and revise a post I wrote originally at the six-month anniversary of her passing.   Mom’s Memorial Service, July 12, 2011.   My Mom passed away two years ago today. … Read more

Freedom from Fear – Free to Be Me

Happy 4th of July to all! A day to celebrate independence, liberty, and freedom.   As I pondered what this means, I thought beyond the usual topics of the national celebration¬† and reflected inwardly about what personal freedom means, and how often something as “simple” as feelings prevent us from enjoying freedom.   We often … Read more

Angels Among the Flames–March 25,1985

It was a windy March day, the kind that seems to create a vortex and blows leaves around in little whirlwinds. I had just gone upstairs to our second story apartment in an older home, with an attached barn. I brought with me our 4-month-old daughter Shara and 2-year-old Angel, a little autistic girl for whom I provided one-on-one developmental services. My 3-year-old son Andy was playing outside with his trucks and some sand out of the bucket on the porch, where the door was to go up to the apartment.

A short time later, perhaps only 10 minutes or so, Andy came bursting through the door into the apartment, yelling about a fire. I had no idea what he was talking about…until I looked out the livingroom windows and to my horror, a towering wall of flames greeted me menacingly, as they raced across the porch roof.

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