The Birthday That Almost Wasn’t

So I just celebrated my 55th birthday on March 29th, and as each birthday rolls around, I continue to be amazed that I’m still here and able to celebrate birthdays at all…because of the birthday that almost wasn’t.

If you  have read any of my previous recent posts (or posts from other years in March), then you know why I say that. The injuries I sustained in my plunge to the ground from a second-story window, in an attempt to escape a fire, were life-threatening. They occurred on March 25, 1985, a mere four days prior to my 27th birthday…the birthday that almost wasn’t.

The blood loss from the lacerated scalp, along with the fractured skull, broken neck, and other significant obvious injuries – as well as the unknown internal injuries and fear of spinal cord damage – rendered me unconscious for about three days, from early afternoon of March 25th to some time on March 28th, 1985.

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Continuing to Thrive at 55 on Good Friday 2013

Happy Birthday to me! Yes, today, 3/29, is my 55th birthday.

A “cake” from a friend (posted on Facebook!)

I’ve been battling a bit of melancholy today. I don’t know that it’s so much my age, as all the changes over the past few years that struck me with their finality, such as my parents no longer being around (my Dad also had a March birthday – 3/15 – and we used to celebrate together), and being separated by so many miles from my kids, granddaughter, and other family and friends.

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Angels Among the Flames–March 25,1985

It was a windy March day, the kind that seems to create a vortex and blows leaves around in little whirlwinds. I had just gone upstairs to our second story apartment in an older home, with an attached barn. I brought with me our 4-month-old daughter Shara and 2-year-old Angel, a little autistic girl for whom I provided one-on-one developmental services. My 3-year-old son Andy was playing outside with his trucks and some sand out of the bucket on the porch, where the door was to go up to the apartment.

A short time later, perhaps only 10 minutes or so, Andy came bursting through the door into the apartment, yelling about a fire. I had no idea what he was talking about…until I looked out the livingroom windows and to my horror, a towering wall of flames greeted me menacingly, as they raced across the porch roof.

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NaBloPoMo – Taking Risks!

NaBloPoMo is the acronym for National Blog Posting Month – hosted by Melissa Ford of Blogher EVERY month, with a theme each month and writing prompts on weekdays. The theme for March is RISK. I missed the prompt on Friday, March 1st, so I thought I would cover it now: Do you think it’s better … Read more

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