Women With Intentions Wednesday: Pursuing Our Purpose Intentionally

Pursuing Purpose INTENTIONALLY!     Welcome to Women with Intention Wednesday! I’m borrowing from my past blog series, Preventing Procrastination, Prizing Prioritizing, and Pursuing Purpose, to address the idea of pursuing our purpose intentionally! As an educator and a writer, I like knowing the meaning of words when I use them, so from a handy … Read more

Intentionally Pulling Down Strongholds to Move Past Obstacles

Pulling Down Strongholds… Intentionally!   It’s Women With Intentions Wednesday – a day to talk about making purposeful, deliberate, intentional choices, and acting on them. Self-disclosure: One of my ongoing struggles in life is procrastination. It’s not even intentional, most of the time. Actually, it’s a combination of procrastination and distraction, all encompassed within a … Read more

Lessons of Life – UBC Day 6

Lessons of Life I wonder how many of us are still holding onto negative feelings about past events, whether for legitimate reasons or selfish reasons based on what we did or didn’t get for results or material possessions we had hoped to gain. I guess it’s a matter of exploring the motives of our hearts! … Read more

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