Saturday is Now Simply Saturday, Some Announcements, AND We Survived the Super Storm of October-November 2017

Now Simply Saturday with Some Announcements   Well… THAT was interesting! (See Third Announcement below!) First, a brief announcement: I’ve decided to modify my blog topic schedule to make Saturday “Simply Saturday” instead of “Sewing Saturday” — since sewing only happens sporadically!       Second announcement: I’ve added a page here on my blog, … Read more

Women With Intention Wednesday: Purposefully Choosing to Achieve a Goal

Purposefully Choosing to AchieveĀ  a Goal   Welcome to Women With Intention Wednesday! I mentioned in last Wednesday’s post that purpose, determination, and intention work together to help us achieve our goals.   **Purpose: The feeling of being determined to do or achieve something.**   **Intentionally: deliberately, purposely, knowingly**   Of course, it’s not always … Read more

Women With Intentions Wednesday: Pursuing Our Purpose Intentionally

Pursuing Purpose INTENTIONALLY!     Welcome to Women with Intention Wednesday! I’m borrowing from my past blog series, Preventing Procrastination, Prizing Prioritizing, and Pursuing Purpose, to address the idea of pursuing our purpose intentionally! As an educator and a writer, I like knowing the meaning of words when I use them, so from a handy … Read more

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