Saturday is Now Simply Saturday, Some Announcements, AND We Survived the Super Storm of October-November 2017

Now Simply Saturday with Some Announcements   Well… THAT was interesting! (See Third Announcement below!) First, a brief announcement: I’ve decided to modify my blog topic schedule to make Saturday “Simply Saturday” instead of “Sewing Saturday” — since sewing only happens sporadically!       Second announcement: I’ve added a page here on my blog, … Read more

Women With Intention Wednesday: Purposefully Choosing to Achieve a Goal

Purposefully Choosing to Achieve¬† a Goal   Welcome to Women With Intention Wednesday! I mentioned in last Wednesday’s post that purpose, determination, and intention work together to help us achieve our goals.   **Purpose: The feeling of being determined to do or achieve something.**   **Intentionally: deliberately, purposely, knowingly**   Of course, it’s not always … Read more

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