Top List Tuesday: Top 10 ‘Learn More About Dr. K. Lee’ – Updated Info AND Pics!

Top List Tuesday: Top 10 ‘Learn More About Dr. K. Lee’ – Updated Info AND Pics!

My Top 10 List About Me!   I have a lot of new readers, some new followers, and I’m in new blog groups on Facebook… so I thought  I would publish this post with some updates to help you get to know me better! 🙂  Have you ever written a “Top 10” list about yourself? … Read more

Finally Friday: FAQs for K. Lee Banks, Freelance Consultant Services

Finally Friday– Exploring FAQs About MY KLB Biz!   Hey, it’s Finally Friday – for real and here on my blog! And since I’m still endeavoring to participate in the Ultimate Blog Challenge for the rest of the month, I thought I’d pick up today’s writing prompt about answering questions people have asked me. So I’m … Read more

Just for Fun – Ask Dear K. Lee for Advice!

Dear K. Lee… 🙂 So just for fun on this midweek day, I thought I would repeat my post from a past blog challenge suggestion: Write a post like it was an advice column! 🙂 So here you go, folks, this is your chance to ask “Dear K. Lee…” a question!  😉 ~~*~~ [Source: morgueFile … Read more

Top 5 Business – Education Sites You Might Enjoy

Time for a TOP 5 LIST!! 🙂 Time for another TOP 5  list of items!  I want to offer what I consider my favorite Top 5 business and education sites.  These relate to freelance topics, such as writing, blogging, and working from home, as well as improving skills and knowledge in various areas. ~~*~~ ~~*~~   … Read more

Check Out My 2017 FAQs for My Businesses

Check out my 2017 FAQs for my businesses! This is an idea from one of the blog challenges. I posted it last fall (2016), but I thought maybe it would be a good idea to post it again now near the beginning of 2017.   ~~*~~ ~~*~~   There are several questions people have frequently … Read more