Just for Fun – Ask Dear K. Lee for Advice!

Dear K. Lee… 🙂 So just for fun on this midweek day, I thought I would repeat my post from a past blog challenge suggestion: Write a post like it was an advice column! 🙂 So here you go, folks, this is your chance to ask “Dear K. Lee…” a question!  😉 ~~*~~ [Source: morgueFile … Read more

Top 5 Business – Education Sites You Might Enjoy

Time for a TOP 5 LIST!! 🙂 Time for another TOP 5  list of items!  I want to offer what I consider my favorite Top 5 business and education sites.  These relate to freelance topics, such as writing, blogging, and working from home, as well as improving skills and knowledge in various areas. ~~*~~ ~~*~~   … Read more

Check Out My 2017 FAQs for My Businesses

Check out my 2017 FAQs for my businesses! This is an idea from one of the blog challenges. I posted it last fall (2016), but I thought maybe it would be a good idea to post it again now near the beginning of 2017.   ~~*~~ ~~*~~   There are several questions people have frequently … Read more

Grammar, Spelling, Coherency, and Clarity- YES, They ARE Important in Blogging

Today’s Ultimate Blog Challenge writing prompt is to offer some troubleshooting tips regarding a market or service we provide. As a professional writer and an educator, I provide writing services and do an extensive amount of my own writing. I can tell you beyond a doubt: YES, grammar, spelling, coherency, and clarity– they ALL matter … Read more

Do You Know How to Imprint Photos on Fabric? Here’s My Method!

So today’s Ultimate Blog Challenge writing prompt is to share a tip about something we have knowledge about, or experience in doing, that might be helpful or interesting to others. So if you have ever wondered how to imprint photos on fabric, here’s my method! 🙂     Learning to add imprinted photos to my … Read more