You Are NOT Too Old to Learn!

As a lifelong learner myself, and an education professional within a month or two of having my Doctor of Education degree (at the age of 58 – turning 59 in March 2017!), I can state emphatically you are NOT too old to learn!  Especially with the prevalence of online learning, the pursuit of higher education … Read more

Reflecting, Reviewing, and Revising Goals at Year’s End

Happy December 1st! Any time is the right time to reflect on, review, and revise our goals. Entering the last month of 2016, however, gives some special incentive to do so. I originally published this at fall’s beginning, and already have revisions to make.     So this is NOT about the proverbial “New Year’s … Read more

Are Dream Quenchers Keeping You from Fulfilling Your Potential?

What are your dream quenchers? What is getting in the way of you reaching for your dreams? It’s important, first, for us to identify our dreams. Then, to honestly evaluate what gets in our way of realizing those dreams, and finally to determine a strategy to overcome the dream quenchers or barriers to help us … Read more

Moving Forward in My Doctoral Journey

Moving forward in my doctoral journey!!! I got word toward the end of last week that my university’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) has finally granted full approval for me to begin my study. Once I gather data and complete my final two chapters in my dissertation manuscript, and get that approved, the remaining task will … Read more

Happy October 1st – About K. Lee Banks, Freelance Consultant Services

Hi, I am K. Lee Banks! Welcome to my blog!   Happy October 1st! I must start this month by apologizing for going missing since my first day of fall post on September 22 in which I shared the FAQs for my home-based businesses (please check it out if you missed it!) Other obligations with … Read more