Top 10 Things You May Not Know About Me

For my Tuesday, June 3 catch-up post for the Article Writing Challenge, I was supposed to write a “Top 10” list. I have done this kind of list before, with 30 things, so choosing 10 shouldn’t be too difficult. So unless you’re a family member or close friend or a mutual Facebook group member…here are … Read more

Pardon My Absence–I’m Now ABD!

Don’t look now, but I’m back!   Well, OK, please DO look and read…I’m determined to get back to blogging and endeavor to do so consistently. First things first, though–I wanted to explain my absence THIS time  (yes, it has been a repetitive cycle and one I plan to break ASAP!) I can’t change the past, … Read more

Happy 2014 New Year of Blogging

Happy 2014 – a new year and a new opportunity to blog consistently. As long as my motivation doesn’t freeze up as much as our Maine landscape is currently frozen, I anticipate greater success in 2014! Out with the old, in with the new — I was more successful in 2013 than in previous years … Read more

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