Sewing on a Sentimental Saturday

Sewing on a Sentimental Saturday

Sewing and Sentiment   On this day 15 (!) years ago, my beloved Dad escaped the suffering of lymphoma and left the boundaries of this earth to enter heaven’s gates – to touch the face of God, and to return the embrace of the Lord Whom Dad served his entire life. My Sewing Saturday was … Read more

Missing my Dad – His 84th Birthday is Today – It’s His 15th Birthday in Heaven

Dad’s 84th Birthday Is Here… But He’s Not. 🙁 ~~*~~ Another birthday, many years ago (20+)… ~~*~~ I’m missing my Dad today. He would have been 84. Since my birthday is also this month, Dad and I used to celebrate our birthdays together in family gatherings that eventually included adding my middle daughter Jen, whose … Read more

Spotlight on My Dad: In Memory of His Influence and Life Lessons

It’s the first Friday of January, and first Friday of 2017!!  Isn’t it odd to think a week ago was still last year, and now it’s a new year? As I’ve mentioned before, I’m starting this new year on this blog by participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Today’s writing prompt is the suggestion to … Read more

Remembering my Dad – Gone Too Soon 14 Years Ago Today – September 2

I’m taking a small break from my series of posts to celebrate my Dad’s life. On this date, which was Labor Day 14 years ago, my beloved Dad left his lymphoma-wracked body and entered his eternal reward in Heaven, with the Lord he served his entire life. While his passing left an enormous void in … Read more

November 10 – Product Review on Fatherly Reflections

Pardon me as I promote my own book, just in time for Veterans Day! I am using ideas from the Ultra Blog Challenge and the Article Writing Challenge for this month of November. Mondays are designated for product reviews and since tomorrow is Veterans Day, I thought I would review and promote my own book, … Read more

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