Silent Contributor to Education through Instructional Design and Curriculum Development

When I’ve told people I’m pursuing my Doctor of Education degree, they have assumed I would be teaching. Actually, no. I would not be interested in teaching in person–maybe online, as an instructional facilitator–but not face to face. I now prefer to be involved as a silent contributor to education, primarily in instructional design and … Read more

My Dream Job: Virtual Educational Consultant

I was browsing old posts and came upon one from about 4 years ago that has even more relevance now than it did back then! So now I can update it with current information.   I was participating in a writing challenge at one point and the writing prompt was to discuss what my “dream … Read more

Please Remember Me for Instructional Design and Curriculum Development

So here we are, the first Monday of the month, on March 2nd. How’s it going? I have stayed busy all day with one task or another, but managed to get here before too late this evening, for a change. My tasks today were mostly along the lines of my favorite career path: educational services … Read more

My Dream Job: Online Professor & Instructional Designer

The NaBloPoMo writing prompt for today is to discuss what my “dream job” might be if I instantly had the qualifications and training to do so. I didn’t have to think too long about this; my current career and education path is what I want to do. If I could skip the remaining four years … Read more

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