Happy August 1st: Introducing New Series

It’s hard to fathom that August is here already, yet my laptop and cell phone clearly show the date of August 1 and compelled me to flip the pages on all the calendars in the house.   This particular first of the month has special significance for me for a number of reasons: *I have … Read more

My Top 10 Favorite Confidence-Building Quotes by Joyce Meyer

Here we go – four remaining posts for the Ultimate Blog Challenge for July–here’s post #28! I’m re-posting one of my most popular posts with the highest number of views. I am a big fan of Joyce Meyer, one of the most well-known Bible teachers and motivational speakers of her era, who is also a … Read more

Focus on Weaknesses – or Fulfill Your Potential

Yes, I tried – blogging past midnight again, that is – because I did OTHER stuff all day long, while also trying to enjoy a leisurely weekend! Then, of course, hubby and I watched the Super Bowl, in spite of the strange power outage that delayed the game – and in spite of the fact … Read more

The First 12 Days of January 2012

During these first 12 days of January 2012 – interesting dates – yesterday was 01-11-12 and today is 01-12-12 … sorry,  I got distracted. Anyway, these first 12 days of January have yielded three top posts with an equal number of comments, and a fourth only one behind – all during the first four days … Read more

Know Your Strengths-Gain Confidence in Your Abilities

The new year is a good time to gain confidence in your God-given abilities and sometimes stretch outside your comfort zone. You can usually do this IF you have confidence in yourself and know your strengths. Along with myself, many of my fellow freelancers are going through some stretching these days, because of ups and … Read more