Saying Goodbye to 2012–and to Our Canine Companion Kita

Yes, this was going to be my New Year’s Day post. Other obligations interfered with posting for the first two days of 2013–but I think I have also been putting off actually writing about this painful part of 2012. It’s as if leaving the year behind, which included Kita’s departure the week before Christmas, makes … Read more

Blogs & Dogs, Wishes & Work

I experienced an unplanned hiatus from blogging for the past week, for a host of reasons. The primary reason is related to our precious canine member of our family, Kita, who had a medical emergency last week. Anyone who may follow and read my blog – or interacts with me on Facebook, or knows me … Read more

My Dog Has Cancer

I am not one to use the word “hate” very often – but I truly HATE cancer!! I lost my Dad to lymphoma almost 10 years ago now; I lost my Mom to lung cancer just last year, after she had successfully beaten breast cancer (or so we all thought). I’ve lost other family members … Read more

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