Added Value List: Resources and Products You Might Enjoy

Wow, we’re halfway through January already – the third of five Sundays this month (and first of five months with five Sundays!)  Today’s Ultimate Blog Challenge writing prompt was to create another type of resource list (still working on the one suggested for the 7th!) of resources, services, or products you readers might enjoy or … Read more

On Finding Freelance Work and Revealing Pillow Prize Winner!

[This WAS yesterday’s post, Friday the 13th – took longer than I anticipated to complete, and the bed beckoned me to get a good night’s sleep!] It’s Friday the 13th! But if you’re not superstitious, that shouldn’t bother you. On my other blog, Words of Encouragement, I published a post about not giving into worry … Read more

Do You Know How to Assemble a Quilt? Here’s My Process AND a Contest for a FREE Pillow!

Welcome to the 8th day of my participation in the Ultimate Blog Challenge! I will have to backtrack to yesterday’s post and suggested writing prompt, since we were out of state for the day, but today’s writing prompt was to present a promo or contest. So I’m combining these ideas. I’m promoting my K-Lee’s Kreations … Read more

Do You Know How to Imprint Photos on Fabric? Here’s My Method!

So today’s Ultimate Blog Challenge writing prompt is to share a tip about something we have knowledge about, or experience in doing, that might be helpful or interesting to others. So if you have ever wondered how to imprint photos on fabric, here’s my method! 🙂     Learning to add imprinted photos to my … Read more

Robin Hood Mentoring? Yes, That’s a Thing! Meet Lesly (Robin Hood) Federici!

Greetings and welcome to my blog on this third day of 2017! How is your new year going so far? I’m already enjoying participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge this month. I have participated many times in the past, even though I haven’t always completed a post every day of those particular months. I am … Read more

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