Simply Saturday and September Is Here – and So Am I

Simply Saturday AND September 1st!

Just handsome hubby Dave and me!


I have been on an unplanned extended hiatus from blogging – 7 months, to be exact! Lots has happened over this time, including getting hired for my first ever FULL TIME remote position! I am a now a senior editor for an education publishing company for which I had previously done several contract jobs.

This big event began in February, when I received a message on LinkedIn asking me if I would be interested in a full-time position, and I started in March. During February and prior to starting that new job, I was also busy wrapping up an instructional design consulting project. The past few months have been quite a transition and I haven’t had much time for anything else.

Now that I have this long weekend and a paid holiday on Monday, I decided it was time to relaunch my blogging efforts! 


How was your summer? Ours was busy as we now BOTH have full-time jobs, so during our weekends, we finally did a lot of yard work we now could afford, thanks to the income from my new job. Dave built raised beds for flowers and veggies, in front and back yards, and we had a great time choosing and planting everything. It has been so rewarding to see all the growth, and the color, AND the birds and bees that have been attracted to them.

So for my first post, I thought I would share a gallery of photos. Hope you enjoy!










So what about YOU?

How was your summer? Did you  do anything special?

Are you prepared for this new season?



7 thoughts on “Simply Saturday and September Is Here – and So Am I”
  1. I love simple summer days; ones that are filled with fun and laughter. The warm sunshine, beautiful flowers, and hopefully times of good memories. Thanks for sharing the pictures of the flowers; I hope your new job is going well!

  2. I love the flowers it is great that you have the time to have such a beautiful garden. I tend to work on my blog so I send my kids to do all the summer beach and sporty activities.

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