She Would Have Been 83 Today

My Mom would have been 83 today. She passed away on July 7, 2011,  only about 14 months after this picture was taken. Ironically, her little dog companion, Annie, also passed away a few months before Mom did.

I mentioned these in a previous post ten days ago, on the six-month anniversary of her death, but they are worth repeating. Although I did not share as close a relationship with her as I wish I had, and of course regret now that she’s gone, in reflection I realize I have much to be thankful for in regard to having her as my Mom:

  • My personal relationship with Jesus, since she was instrumental in leading me to Him through the Good News Clubs she used to teach. She and Dad were wonderful role models in their devotion to serving God.
  • My commitment to family, as she and Dad demonstrated the importance and value of a close knit family.
  • My sewing talents, as Mom used to sew outfits for my sisters and me frequently when we were young. That made me interested in learning to sew early on – who would have guessed it would become such a passion and eventually a home business?
  • My passion for writing – this is something I only recently learned about, as one of many discoveries while sorting through decades of “stuff” at the house was a lengthy story (30+ handwritten pages) Mom wrote while in high school.  That was quite an intriguing discovery and something none of us knew about. Mom and Dad both also wrote lots of letters to each other during their courtship, and Dad was quite faithful in keeping journals for years. Again, who knew (other than God) that I would eventually pursue a career as a freelance writer and it quite possibly stemmed from the “writing gene” that both parents possessed?

I don’t know if they really celebrate birthdays in heaven, since I don’t think we age once we get there! But I still like to think of her there today, pain-free, celebrating this milestone with my Dad and other loved ones who have already gone home to their eternal rest. Happy 83rd Birthday, Mom – thank you for all you did and all you gave – I love you and miss you!

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3 thoughts on “She Would Have Been 83 Today”
  1. I lost my Mom 4 months ago. It is not easy even when they are older. Mom would have been 92 the last day of January. I miss her greatly as she was my rock. So very strong in her faith and love.

    Thank you for sharing.

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