Sewing Saturday is Summary Saturday!


Sewing Saturday = Summary Saturday


      Wedding themed fleece in 2 designs


[Please pardon my absence of a week or so–in addition to being out of state last weekend for a family wedding, I also suffered a mild concussion after colliding with one of our dogs! As I was bending down to hook our smallest dog on her run, one of our larger dogs jumped up and head butted me in the forehead — nearly knocked me out!



I still have a lump and a bruise above my right eyebrow and along the outer edge of my eye; this photo is from a few days ago when it happened, when my eyelid was puffy and my eye was nearly swollen shut for a few hours after it happened. Still having headaches. NOT a fun time! 🙁 ]

So…today, according to my blog topic schedule, is usually Sewing Saturday. But after missing a little over a week of blogging, I thought I’d give a brief summary of what has happened, based on my daily topics, since my last blog post on 3 Things Thursday.




Finally Friday, 10/6

Last Friday involved finishing the double blanket I mentioned in my last post, packing to leave the next morning, and doing the grocery shopping. It included, as well, getting hit in the head and spending some time recovering (see above explanation). There was a period of time where hubby and I debated if I should even make the drive the next day, but I felt better by evening.

                                            Double Fleece Fringed Wedding Blanket


Sewing Saturday, 10/7

Obviously last Saturday did NOT involve sewing, but rather traveling out of state on a solo 4-hour drive to attend my nephew’s wedding (solo drive, because hubby was working on a HUGE project and just couldn’t take the time off). It was a beautiful drive, thanks to all the fall foliage along the way, and at first, the weather seemed like it would be ideal for their outdoor wedding. Unfortunately, it started raining lightly just as the wedding was starting and we in fact sat through the wedding in a light rain!

But the reception was indoors and we all dried out fine and had fun. I got to see many family members on my side, plus all three daughters, which was wonderful. My youngest daughter was a bridesmaid in the wedding; I didn’t know my oldest daughter was going to be there, since she lives in Colorado, but she was able to combine a business trip with attending the family wedding. Also saw my granddaughters, especially since the oldest two were flower girls in the wedding.


My daughters and me at my nephew’s wedding reception



My youngest daughter and two oldest granddaughters at my nephew’s wedding


Serenity Sunday, 10/8

Serenity Sunday was in fact serene. I stayed overnight at my youngest daughter’s house, so I had visited with my granddaughters before they went to bed after we got back from the wedding on Saturday night, and again on Sunday morning. They they all left fairly early (8:00) to go to their church’s morning service, and then directly from there off to Story Land, a theme park in Glen, New Hampshire, for a family day (it has been around a LONG time – I went there as a child, and took my kids there, and now she’s taking HER kids there!) My daughter had done a lot of work helping with the wedding and had stayed overnight at the hotel on Friday night before the wedding with the bride and wedding party, so her family needed their time together.

I took my time to wake up and enjoy some coffee, to make my usual social media stops, and then I tidied up their house a bit before I left. With all the busyness of the wedding, and the family plans, all the usual household chores were left undone. I figured it was the least I could do! Then I once again enjoyed the foliage as I drove back home from New Hampshire to Maine.

                                      Fall foliage scenery


Motivation Monday, 10/9

This past Monday, I admit I was decidedly UNmotivated! I was quite exhausted from all the driving over the weekend, plus still suffering from the effects of the concussion, so it was really a quiet day of rest.


Top List Tuesday, 10/10

My “top list” Tuesday consisted of things to catch up: housework, social media, clients and projects, and decluttering (the ongoing process!)

Rearranging and reorganizing the space


Women With Intention Wednesday, 10/11

My biggest task I intentionally worked on for Wednesday was catching up with my various blogging groups, to figure out where I was with commenting. I used my handy Blog Notebook to continue keeping track (and still have more to go!)



Three Things Thursday, 10/12

My three things on Thursday included more decluttering, figuring out more sewing projects, and completing a training tutorial for one of my freelance jobs that’s starting up again.



Finally Friday, 10/13

Yesterday was Finally Friday the 13th  … and it was a good day, not unlucky at all! Hubby and I got some unexpected funds (well, expected, but arrived earlier and a bit more than expected), which allowed me to catch up on paying some bills, to order some things I’d been waiting on, and to do the week’s shopping yesterday instead of today.


So there you have it! My week-long summary of events since my last post.

So What About YOU?


How have you been over the past week?


Are you doing anything special this weekend?

                 Beautiful foliage









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  1. It sounds like you have a great week. and sorry to hear about your bruise. I hope it heels as soon as possible.

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