Sewing Saturday: FAQs About K-Lee’s Kreations and Summer Specials!

Sewing Saturday —

Exploring FAQs

about my K-Lee’s Kreations Biz!

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Yay, it’s Sewing Saturday – and time to learn more about my K-Lee’s Kreations business!

There are several questions people have frequently asked me about both my freelance business (as you learned about yesterday) and my quilt business. I should mention I have used just my first initial K (for Karen) and my middle name Lee, combined with my last name, for many years as my business and online persona.


Summer Special at my Etsy Store!

So here we go!


Collection of K-Lee’s Kreations sample products

**FAQs for K-Lee’s Kreations**

1. What is K-Lee’s Kreations?

K-Lee’s Kreations is my home-based business featuring my line of handmade customized home decor and other items, ranging from pillows and quilts, to bags and stuffed “critters.”


2. What is your background for your “kreative” business?

My mother originally introduced me to sewing because she used to make clothing for my siblings and me. Then I took Home Economics in school and gained more skills, and just never stopped learning. Since then, I’ve taught myself or learned from others along the way to do a variety of crafts.

Now I can make anything from baby’s clothing to wedding gowns and tailored suits; and home decor items and various craft items.


3. How long have you been sewing/crafting/quilting?

I began sewing and crafting over 40 years ago as a young teenager, when my mother first got me started on sewing. Then about 25 years ago, I began quilting. I added the special feature of imprinted photos about 9 years ago.


4. What products do you make?

The majority of my products are home decor items, including quilts, pillows, wall hangings, and table runners. I also make bags of all shapes and sizes, as well as soft sculpture dolls and assorted “critters.”

I hope to add to my product line this year, as soon as I teach myself to do felting and rug hooking (the old-fashioned kind).


5. What is your specialty?

Most of my products are made-to-order customized items. My specialty is adding imprinted photos, for an extra special, personalized touch.


6. How does imprinting work on fabric?

Most people send photos as ‘jpeg’ attachments via email or messages on Facebook. I typically do a little photo editing: do some cropping, make them the right size, add different effects, add text, or whatever works for each photo.

I have a second printer set up with sublimation ink and dye sublimation transfer paper, which is what I use to print out the photos.

I then IMPRINT the photos onto a poly-poplin fabric using sublimation ink and a heat press. I started with one that my ‘handy hubby’ made for me, with a simple hot plate and base!  I now have an official heat press made by Gecko Heat Transfer Solutions.


My Heat Press for Imprinting Photos on Fabric


These are NOT regular computer ink photos!

The combination of the sublimation ink and the heat press transforms the ink into a gas, which permeates the fabric. This causes the photos to virtually become part of the fabric, making them permanent, while the fabric stays soft and flexible (not the stiff ironed-on feeling!)

You can also wash and dry the items with the imprinted photos!

This is one of my newer designs–log cabin photo blocks in a quilt and coordinating pillows:


Log Cabin Quilt and Pillows


7. Where can I find your business online?

You can find my business online in two places currently (looking into adding some additional niche sites this year on specific themed items, such as only bags and only Christmas, AND a new main KLK site). And right NOW, I’m running a special for summer: 20% off storewide! 🙂

My Etsy shop


My Zibbet shop

I hope you have enjoyed learning more about both of my businesses!  It was fun writing these FAQs; I added my KLB FAQ as its own pages on my blog here, and the “kreations” FAQ will be on a new KLK site–hopefully up and running soon! Stay tuned!! 🙂

                 Pinwheel pillow design

So What About YOU?


Do you have a FAQ on your blog or website to address common questions people might ask about what you do?


If so, feel free to share your link in your comment! 🙂

Collage showing some of the steps in the quiltmaking process.
   Collage showing some of the steps in the quiltmaking process








2 thoughts on “Sewing Saturday: FAQs About K-Lee’s Kreations and Summer Specials!”
  1. I enjoyed learning about your business and kept thinking things I need I could have you make. Or Gifts for the people I love. As well as sharing your business with people I know who would enjoy it. I would like to invite you to come and do a Guest Post about your business on my blog. Have a Blessed day.

  2. Well that’s cool! I never knew you had a sewing business and love the name. Hubby and I have owned our interior decorating business for 50 years but we didn’t “name” it until about 40 years ago after our daughters were born. A friend of mine was crafty and made a sign from the top of a bushel basket with Mar-Cee on it. We played with that and turned it into Mar-C’s Custom Interior Decorating. The “Mar” is for Martha and Rich, the “C” is for our children, Christine and Cyndi. I’m off to visit your site!
    Martha recently posted..Pennies From Heaven

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