Sewing Saturday Became Celebrating-Shopping-Selling-Sorting-Settling Saturday

Sewing Saturday??


Yes, I had determined Saturdays would be “Sewing Saturdays” and I would share projects I’m working on.

WELL…it didn’t happen that way today!

First, hubby Dave and I attended a family event, celebrating the life of a family member on Dave’s dad’s side who passed away quite suddenly and unexpectedly recently. It was a nice gathering with an outdoor picnic and BBQ, lots of pictures and photo albums, and reminiscing about fond memories.


After that, Dave and I went grocery shopping and just as we finished up that task, I got a notification on my phone that someone was interested in buying the pool table we had placed in a Maine online yard sale group on Facebook. Dave got in touch with the man, and he and three friends arranged a time with Dave that they would come pick up the pool table.


Of course, that also meant clearing a path through the unused front entryway AND moving multiple things out from under the pool table. You see, that table was from Dave’s bachelor years and has never seen a game of pool since I’ve lived here (14 1/2 years). I’ve used it with my cutting boards on it for all my quilting and sewing projects! But we ended up selling it today – first time I’ve seen that empty space where the pool table sat all these years.


What followed was an unplanned time of sorting through much of the piles of stuff we had moved and settling the living space into a different arrangement. It looks like we doubled the size of our livingroom without that pool table there! Of course, now Dave has to make me a new cutting / project table. I have a smaller one with extensions on it (bought from Jo-Ann Fabrics), but I will need a larger top for laying out quilts when I’m working on them.


SO… Sewing Saturday was NOT related to sewing at all! But we were blessed with these other events that took place instead.


So What About YOU?

How was your Saturday?

Did things go according to plan or did you find yourself going in a whole different direction with different outcomes than you anticipated?





3 thoughts on “Sewing Saturday Became Celebrating-Shopping-Selling-Sorting-Settling Saturday”
  1. I had plans to work yesterday although my son had different plans for us and just wanted to veg on the couch so since there is only 2 weeks until school begins we just hung out and did nothing and I must say it felt nice and I felt more rested than I have in a long while.
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