Seeking Serenity on a September Sunday

Serenity September Sunday



It’s our third Sunday in September. The leaves are partway into their fall foliage change of colors. Yet you wouldn’t know it’s FALL in Maine, because the temperatures and humidity levels are in the 80s today, much like our Sultry Saturday I wrote about yesterday.

Since it’s Serenity Sunday on my blog topic schedule, I am endeavoring to focus on things that promote calmness, peace, and positivity.



Listening to what’s on the music list today…





Appreciating that clean is calming! I don’t know about you, but I feel calmer, and more at peace, when my surroundings are clean. So this morning, before the heat and humidity levels rose, I took care of a few household chores I didn’t get to yesterday. After washing dishes, vacuuming, and putting laundry away, I feel more like I can sit, relax, and bask in the serenity of the day.

Hubby is tending to yard work and enjoying his garden, so now I’m enjoying my music and the serene sleeping pets inside.





Socializing with social media! Now I’m engaging in social media tasks: posting on Facebook, visiting groups on Facebook, and – of course – blogging, visiting and reading other blogs, and commenting.

One of the benefits of being involved in blog groups on Facebook is the opportunity to network with other bloggers and to help promote our mutual blogging endeavors. My goal today is to make sure I’m caught up on reciprocating with the commenting on and sharing of other people’s blogs.

I *also* definitely want and need to start responding to all of you who are so kind to leave comments for me here on my blog! I do appreciate you and your comments, and I also appreciate those of you who have signed up to receive blog posts and other information by email.

I’m working on a freebie downloadable give-away for everyone on my list — and I am planning to have special inexpensive downloadable gifts starting in October! 😉


So What About YOU?


How is your Sunday going? Are you doing anything special?


Do you strive for a relaxing day on Sunday, before another work week begins on Monday?



                                                 Fall foliage in Maine – September 2013





13 thoughts on “Seeking Serenity on a September Sunday”
  1. What incredible scenery! I would love to be walking round this on my Sunday! I spent the day at work and then seeing IT at the cinemb

  2. I really like your blog! It feels like a little oasis, a corner of paradise, to find balance snd serenity, two things that despite their essential importance they are so harc to achive in Today’s society. Thank you for sharing your beauty!

  3. I love how relaxing your sunday sounds! I spent all day sunday playing paintball! I am covered in bruises and aching all over this morning but that is my way of relaxing. I did however have to get up early to clean because like you say I feel so much better now its clean and tidy!

  4. I love my quiet sundays:) However, that’s also the day I do my chores! I agree with you that I feel much better when my surroundings are clean, but I have to clean them myself haha! Thanks for sharing though, this is a cool blog series to do!

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