Second Motivation Monday on Tuesday in October: Top 3 Ways Faith Removes Limitations

Motivation Monday on Tuesday:

Faith Removes Limitations



Yesterday was the second Motivation Monday of October on my blog!

As I mentioned last week, I’m still working on finding balance in my now full-time work schedule so I can do OTHER things I enjoy doing, like blogging and sewing. In fact, a work project deadline pulled me away again for a few days. I think my new blogging goal is to strive for at least every other day.

So I’m browsing older posts to re-publish to help me as I transition back into blogging more consistently, and this mini-series seemed especially relevant right now.

This cross-stitch piece (made by my mom-in-law) in the photo above contains different sayings that all essentially mean, “You can do it!” as the first line states. I thought each of the four sayings might serve as good topics for Motivation Monday posts:

*Last Monday (10-1): Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

*This Monday (10-8): Faith removes limitations.

*Next week (10-15): Keep on keeping on.

*In two weeks (10-22): Every failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent success.



So for today, let’s explore this one:

Faith removes limitations.


So what exactly IS faith? Well, that’s partially answered in the quote above: often, it is believing or having confidence in something, or someone, we cannot see.


Think of simple things like sitting down in your chair. How often do you stop in “mid sit” to contemplate if that chair will hold your weight without breaking and sending you in a heap to the floor? I think we all take it for granted without even thinking about it, that whatever we sit on will hold us. Without even knowing it, we have faith that our chairs will hold us when we sit on them, and that faith removes the limitation of having to stand up all the time out of fear the chairs will break!


The same goes for approaching an automatic door. Do you ever wonder if the door will in fact open when you step in front of it? Have you ever had an automatic door NOT open, due to some malfunction, and end up walking into it? (Yes, it HAS happened to me!) In most cases, though, we have faith the automatic door WILL open and that removes the limitation of being stuck outside (or inside), or the need to manually open the door.



Overall, I think faith in ourselves, in our abilities, in other people, and/or in God or any higher power we recognize, can effectively remove limitations in our lives.

How so, you might ask?

Faith in Ourselves and Our Abilities

Really, faith in ourselves AND our abilities, go hand in hand. If we struggle with self-confidence, that in itself is a limitation. However, if you are someone with a strong sense of self-confidence, you may rarely encounter limitations because you believe whatever you endeavor to do will happen.



Faith in Other People

Sometimes we need to have faith in other people. Again, this also probably happens more frequently than we realize without even having a second thought. In most cases, we likely trust our loved ones, our friends, and perhaps our colleagues, medical professionals, and others, to be true to their word and to respect us. This removes the limitation of trying to do manage everything on our own or fearing intentional harm or negativity. I think we’re more likely to consciously recognize those people we do NOT trust, than the majority of people we DO trust.




Faith in God or Another Higher Power

Many people also have faith in God or another power higher than themselves. This is my personal lifestyle, but I know not everyone who reads my blog believes as I do. Yet this choice fits the quote earlier about believing in something or someone we cannot see–the spiritual world that’s invisible to our physical eyes. Trusting in someone or something beyond ourselves removes limitations of only trusting in our human capacity.




So what about YOU?


Do you believe this quote is accurate?


Have you discovered having faith (in yourself, in your abilities, in others, and/or in God or a higher power) does remove limitations in your life?




**Next Monday: “Keep on keeping on.”





15 thoughts on “Second Motivation Monday on Tuesday in October: Top 3 Ways Faith Removes Limitations”
  1. I agree with these. I have faith in God and it helps me to believe in myself that I can achieve my dream and purpose.

  2. I love all of the inspirational quotes you’ve chosen. They are soooo true! My hubby is a born worrier and I always tell him to have a little faith and stop worrying so much. Life always has a way of working out, you just need a little faith. 🙂

  3. Wow, this is such a nice post and I really love reading this. Those quote are all true and I believe that faith will have a lot most especially if you are believing on it.

  4. This is very inspirational! I really love all the quotes you’ve got in this post. There are so many great ones.

  5. Your post is really helpful & interesting. It definitely gives an insight how fear ruins us & the best part because of you we have a solution as well. Thanks!

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