Saturday Delayed Post–Hunting Season

Please pardon my absence over the weekend! I took some time “off” – or offline at least – to take care of other life obligations and activities.  Therefore, my Saturday post was delayed, but my intended topic was to briefly reflect on hunting season.


Anybody out there hunters or spouses/significant others of hunters? My husband Dave is a long-time hunter, but I have never been – hunting personally, or accompanying anyone hunting. I just couldn’t do it. Dave has taught me to use guns – we have gone target shooting – but I don’t think I could shoot a deer!


I am learning that hunting is quite a passion. Dave often struggles to get up on time to leave for work by 7:00am or so – yet he can get up between 3:45-4:00am, to get out the door and on his way up to Belfast, Maine,  to go hunting! His grandparents and some other relatives live up there, including those who own many acres of land — posted as private property and no trespassing — so Dave is assured, most of the time, of relatively safe hunting on his uncles’ property.


He has the advantage of choosing from a small heated cabin and an enclosed “air chair” — whichever one his uncle isn’t using —  to set up for the day. Dave alternates between scouting from his hidden perch – to walking the property into what have proven to be favorite deer sites. He has seen a few does, and various other wildlife (partridges, porcupines, and even a coyote), but unfortunately no bucks — and only this upcoming weekend left for the season (with firearms, at least).


I foresee him sleeping in again on weekends after this one; not only will hunting season be over, but auto racing season also just ended yesterday!!  Oh well, guess we’ll just have to watch football! 😉

So far … only does, no bucks!

[Photo from morgueFile].

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