Robin Hood Mentoring? Yes, That’s a Thing! Meet Lesly (Robin Hood) Federici!

Greetings and welcome to my blog on this third day of 2017! How is your new year going so far? I’m already enjoying participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge this month. I have participated many times in the past, even though I haven’t always completed a post every day of those particular months. I am endeavoring to do so this time, though, and today’s suggested topic is to write about someone we admire who serves as a mentor or thought leader.



The first person who came to mind is Lesly (“Robin Hood”) Federici, awesome mentor and thought leader behind PAC (Power Affiliate Club) and yes, Robin Hood Mentoring! 🙂


    Lesly Federici, RN, PAC CEO, & Robin Hood Mentor

So who exactly is this bespectacled lady? She is Lesly Federici, RN, childbirth educator, Artistic Affiliate, PAC Owner and CEO, Reiki Master, Meditation practitioner, Internet networking consultant, and Coach. (You can learn much more about her by reading her profile HERE).

Lesly is the enthusiastic and compassionate force behind her trademark “Do It Workshop” model, which helps participants focus on strategies to accomplish specific goals during each 6-week workshop.  These usually consist of weekly Google hangouts for discussion, accountability, and encouragement.

Lesly’s most recent addition to the other PAC offerings (detailed later in this post) is her Robin Hood Mentoring. Most people are familiar with the story of Robin Hood, who robbed the rich to give back to and help the poor. Well, Lesly doesn’t actually ROB anyone–she actually works to SAVE us money! Like many of us, she has discovered many excellent courses, workshops, and related resources are quite often beyond reach financially. She has decided to do something about that problem by sharing her own wealth of knowledge at very reasonable, affordable prices to help more people access the help we need to be successful in defining and meeting our blogging and business goals.

Lesly’s Robin Hood Mentoring Program — only $50/month!

Just a brief overview of what’s included in Lesly’s program you get awesome leadership and one-on-one mentoring with Lesly, PLUS all this:

*”A set of online tools to start you out on building a presence online. Tools include a WordPress blog with hosting, landing pages, media storage, social media training.”

*”Get your goals accomplished. This includes a weekly Hangout and emails. You’ll need to be willing to take action to if you want to accomplish a goal. Includes being in a special group, help you set things up on your blog, unlimited contact, emails, hangouts – what ever you need to be successful online, and making money too!”

ALL of that (many more details HERE) … for only $50/month! If you have looked at similar types of programs, you know you have seen prices often ranging from hundreds to even thousands of dollars! Hence Lesly’s decision to name this program Robin Hood Mentoring and only charge $50 – making it affordable for more people!


So if you’re a fellow blogger, and your blog lacks “ECT” – you might want to consider joining PAC to solve that problem!


So what is ECT and PAC all about? Well, among the actions we bloggers appreciate are Engagement-Comments-Traffic, or ECT. Engagement between bloggers and readers, comments from readers, and consistent traffic are all appreciated.


The Power Affiliate Club, or PAC, is one solution to obtaining engagement, comments, traffic, and much more. Lesly offers both free memberships and paid memberships for PAC.

With the free membership, you can enjoy these benefits:

*Membership in the PAC Blogging and Affiliate Community on Facebook (prerequisite for becoming a PAC member) — a very nurturing, positive, uplifting, and encouraging environment!

*Blog Rotator (get more traffic and engagement on your blog)

*Facebook Community Activities

*PAC Shop

*PAC Gigs Listing

*Top Member Commentator Contest

*Bonus Commentator Contest

*Bonus Winner Spotlight on PAC Blog

*PAC Monthly Newsletter Updates


With the PAC VIP paid membership, an affordable $9.97 a month and worth every penny, you can enjoy benefits some people charge MUCH more for:

All of the above in the free basic membership, PLUS:

*Affiliate link Submission and promotion (20 links max)

*PAC Expert Author Opportunity

*PAC. Ed. Lab

*PAC Gigs Listing

*“DO IT” Workshop (get things done – Mastermind group!)

*Free Advertising

*Top Author Commentator Contest

*Author Spotlight and Promotion

*Opportunity to teach a workshop

*PAC VIP Newsletter


*NEW – PAC REFERRAL PROGRAM: When you become a PAC VIP Member, you’re automatically registered as an Affiliate in the PAC Referral Program. This means you have an opportunity to earn 50% commission for each NEW referral signing up as a PAC VIP member. 


So what about YOU?

Are you looking for more engagement, comments, and traffic for your blog?

Does PAC membership sound appealing? (I can tell you from personal experience, it’s far more valuable than the small fee Lesly charges!)

Could you benefit from Lesly’s Robin Hood Mentoring? Contact her today!


I look forward to seeing YOU in the PAC community!


Full disclosure: Yes, some links here do contain my affiliate links. IF anyone chooses to join PAC, or engage Lesly as your mentor, I would earn a small commission. Thanks in advance if you decide PAC membership, or Lesly’s mentorship, is for you! 🙂




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