Reminiscing About Christmas, Past and Present

Reminiscing about Christmas. So many loved ones are no longer with us, including my parents, and several of Dave’s relatives–especially his younger brother, Doug, who committed suicide this past June. Between loved ones being gone, and other loved ones living too far away to visit … even though I long for those wonderful large family gatherings, I know holidays and other special days have changed forever.

However, I am thankful this year for a pleasant and memorable pre-Christmas and Christmas season of celebrations. First there was the early gathering with my three daughters, sons-in-law, and granddaughters in New Hampshire to welcome my third granddaughter, baby Lillianna, 10 days before Christmas. We also enjoyed a nice family meal, and I talked on the phone with my son and daughter-in- who live out in New Mexico.


Proud Grami with my THIRD granddaughter, who arrived 10 days before Christmas!


After 8 days away, it was nice to return home to my darling hubby Dave and then celebrate Christmas morning with him. We also enjoyed another nice meal with some of Dave’s side of the family at his dad’s and step-mom’s house that afternoon.


                          My little winter village and collectibles.


Now the Christmas decorations are put away, and the winter decor is out (until at least March, here in Maine!), but I’m enjoying reminiscing about memories of many past Christmas holidays. And even though so many loved ones are no longer with us, memories of times together are heartwarming.


So what about YOU?

If you celebrated Christmas, did you have a nice time?

Do you miss loved ones during the holidays?


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  1. One of the few constants of life is change. Because we had to move my mother in law last year from where she lived almost all her life(suburbs of NYC) it disrupted a Christmas tradition, including that of her soon to be 105 year old sister in law. But we are starting a new tradition up where we live.
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