Remember: Fall Back in Daylight Savings Zones

It’s that time already for those who live in areas of the country that recognize Daylight Savings Time. Don’t forget to “fall back”one hour before you go to bed tonight…unless you will be awake during traditional second shift hours or are the type who likes to stay up until 2am just for the fun of turning the clock back so it’s only 1am!

This makes me curious how many people enjoy getting that “extra” hour of sleep by heading to bed at, say, 10pm – and setting the clock back so it’s only 9pm – and how many people do the opposite and stay up later and don’t really benefit from the extra hour.

Likewise, I’m curious how that works for people who have second shift jobs; they must work 9 hours instead of 8, if they start and end at the same time, but have the extra hour thrown in–so hopefully that means they get paid for the extra hour! Any input from readers?

Also, those of you who do turn the clocks back, how do you feel about it getting light earlier in the morning, and dark earlier in the evening? I guess I understand about the safety factor for students waiting for buses in the morning not having to stand in the dark – but now it means darkness settles in before 5pm and it will feel like bedtime before it really is.

Oh well, maybe this will be a good thing – I might actually get to bed at a decent hour, and get more quality sleep, because 9:30 will feel like 10:30!


Fall Back One Hour Tonight

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