Reflection on August Series

Surprise, I’m back! 🙂 Here we are, 10 days later…I decided I better reflect on this August series and compile a summary of where we are so far.

But first, I wanted to reiterate something I said two weeks ago in my Special Announcement post:

This series is a work in progress; it is also a bit of a personal journey, combining a confession of a recognized character flaw and ongoing struggle, with a strategy to overcome this weakness. It is my hope that by sharing these sometimes painful revelations, others who stop by to read will find some inspiration of their own to overcome their own areas of procrastination or other character flaws.


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I also wanted to mention that this series seems to have taken on a life of its own, in that I’m living out the concepts I’m addressing. Specifically, based on my last post 10 days ago about balancing priorities, that’s what I’ve been working on doing. I have some extra expenses coming up next month, so taking on additional freelance work has been among my top priorities.

I wish blogging could be a priority, because I genuinely enjoy this more creative and informal type of writing, but for now it is something I do because I *want* to, as opposed to something I *have* to do.

At any rate, I began this series actually in response to other bloggers and readers who asked if I would be doing another series after my first attempt at doing a series was so successful (that was entitled Facing Fears and Moving Forward). I thought it would “just” be on procrastination (so ironic) and purpose, but some how the idea of priorities became an integral part and perhaps a bridge between overcoming procrastination and pursuing purpose.

So the timeline has gone something like this:

  • On August 1st, I introduced the series by the initial title of Preventing Procrastination and Pursuing Purpose.
  • Between August 2nd and 12th, I wrote several posts about procrastination, including finding out it is still an area that presents a challenge for me (sharing so others can learn from my struggles!)
  • On August 13th, I wrote my Special Announcement post about taking some time off to take care of some things that had been victims of procrastination on my part – and announced the addition of Prizing Prioritizing into the lineup for the series (so the new official title is Preventing Procrastination, Prizing Prioritizing, and Pursuing Purpose).
  • On August 17th, I wrote two posts to kick off the priorities portion of the series, about Prioritizing Our Priorities and Balancing Our Priorities.
  • Today, August 27th, I’m back to say–as the image above states–I stumbled, but I’m regaining my balance, reflecting on priorities, and diving back into the series so I can complete it.

Thanks for your patience. Onto the next post: Establishing Priorities!


You can awaken each day to obligations you never chose

– or you can decide now to choose them. 

~Robert Brault,

How about you all?  Do you find sometimes the very things you are attempting to use as examples for others turn into your own “lesson of life” that you must acknowledge? I hope I didn’t lose everybody who has been following! I do plan to compile all the posts into a PDF for anyone who is interested when the series is done! 😉

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