Reflecting on the Day I Became a Mom

On this day 32 years ago–October 2, 1981–I became a Mom for the first time. My son, Andrew James, entered the world on that morning at the Lakes Region General Hospital in Laconia, New Hampshire.


In attendance at the birth were my mother, due to her nursing career there at LRGH, along with other medical staff. My Dad waited nearby, anxiously awaiting the arrival of his first grandchild. Noticeably absent was my son’s father–essentially only a “sperm donor” because the marriage only lasted a few months, during which time he denied even being responsible for my pregnancy, even as he engaged in an affair with another woman.


Negatives aside…it was an amazing experience  to see that little one who had taken up residence in my womb for nine months, finally come forth. Our circumstances at the time were less than ideal, since I was a divorced single mother living at home with my parents only about a year and a half after graduating from college with big hopes and dreams. Yet, together, we gave little Andy the loving family and nurturing home environment every child deserves.


Dad-AndyDad/Grampy trying to put socks on Andy’s feet!

Within a couple years, I met and married my second husband, who legally adopted then 2-year-old Andy, and with whom I eventually had three daughters. Our life together was certainly not perfect, but we did our best to raise our family in a loving environment by God’s principles, even though our marriage ended after about 20 years together.


In spite of hardships, Andrew has become a multi-talented, creative individual — creativity seems to run in the family! He picked up some of his Grampy’s artistic talent in painting.  Andrew also engages in creative photography and graphic design; he writes and is a published author; and he has become quite the musician and rap artist as well.


On February 11, 2006, I was blessed to have Andrew accompany me and “present” me to Dave at our small family-and-friends wedding at Dave’s father’s and step-mom’s house.


Fast forward to today, on Andrew’s 32nd birthday, and he lives much too far away on the other side of the country from Maine, in New Mexico!


I’m reminded of the poem:

Cleaning and scrubbing can wait till tomorrow
For babies grow up, we’ve learned to our sorrow
So quiet down, cobwebs
Dust, go to sleep
I’m rocking my baby, and babies don’t keep.
~~ Anonymous


I would encourage all you parents of little ones–even if your circumstances are less than ideal–enjoy your children while you can, because they do indeed grow up much too fast and then they’re involved in lives of their own, sometimes VERY far away.


Love you and miss you, my son!  Happy 32nd Birthday!!


How about you readers? Do you have young children still at home, or are you also an “empty nester” with all the children grown and out of the house?



12 thoughts on “Reflecting on the Day I Became a Mom”
  1. Lovely entry! I’m on the other end of the parenting spectrum… my first child was born just this March. I’m already getting an inkling of how fast time flies, and I know it’s just going to go faster as the years progress.
    Melissa recently posted..October Goals

  2. What a sweet tribute to your son on his 32nd birthday! I love that poem!
    We aren’t empty nesters and probably will never be, since we have a son with special needs and is physically handicapped. He is 23 now. We have 5 children, 3 are in other cities. They are truly a blessing of the Lord. 🙂
    Dayna Camp recently posted..Which Blogging Platform should I Use?

  3. As a mother of six… the oldest 19 and the youngest 3… realizing how quickly time moves by is sometimes quite overwhelming… thanks for sharing.
    Saw your post at UBC… good luck.
    Jean Smith

  4. I have two kids, one of them left “nest” and building his own. Thanks for sharing, very beautiful and touching story. Many blessings to you and your family.
    Happy Birthday to your son!!!

  5. So I have no kids but I will say your son is sexy!!! Oooo I have so many girlfriends that would LOVE to play in his hair :))))))))
    You know.. I am such a brat!! I truly think life is so much easier and simpler for someone else.. but everyone does this stuff. Way to keep going and being an amazing mom despite the circumstance surrounding your first marriage. So inspiring!!!! Awesome post. Hope he blushes when he sees how you wrote about him 🙂
    Tamala recently posted..Keeping Your Eye On The Prize October Challenge

  6. All children are special but we that have sons are especially blessed any way that’s my way of thinking for I have 3 sons and wouldn’t trade the experiences I have had with them for anything. He is a handsome young man. Hugs, Donalda

  7. As a mum my children are all grown up but still live with me and my baby is 21 married and i have her and her hubby with me . i miss them being little ones but i do love still having them around. what a beautiful reflection thank you for sharing that < and thankyou for joining in at The friendly crafters blog event

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