Reflecting on February

Somebody cue the “Twilight Zone” theme song…or maybe it’s the Matrix, if you have a sense of deja vu…I can nearly repeat word for word my end of January post!

It is the last day of February 2013 – how did this happen? Where did the time go?

I had so many plans to succeed this month, especially in better time management and blogging every day, as well as reading and commenting on other people’s blogs – and interacting with those of you who are kind enough to read and comment here!

It has once again been a busy month, due to deadlines for my instructional design work and wrapping up my first dissertation research course for my Ed.D. program. I once again had to prioritize my time, and concentrate on  paid freelance work and schoolwork, instead of more leisurely and fun blog writing!

Anyway, I have decided the last day of the month is a good time to reflect on some highlights (good and bad) from February:

  • February 9th – This was my dear hubby’s birthday — unfortunately, the day also featured the arrival of Blizzard Nemo!
  • February 11th – This was hubby’s and my 7th anniversary, although it was also our 10th February together.
  • February 12th – My beautiful granddaughter Chloe turned 5 months old – and even cuter, some how!
  • February 13th – Our new puppy, Desi, turned 4 months old.
  • February 14th – Valentine’s Day.
  • February 23rd-24th – Another snowstorm – nearly a foot of new snow! Oh, and it was also the start of a new NASCAR season!!
  • February 27-28 – Yes, February is going out with a roar, about the same way it arrived – or March is coming in like a lion! We had another snowstorm yesterday, another several inches of snow – then freezing drizzle today.

Anyway – that’s a summary of my month of February.  Two months of 2013 gone by already. On to March tomorrow, with new opportunities to be more successful.  March is my birthday month and I am determined that March will also be my “Make It Happen” month: manage my time better, be more efficient in my freelance work, get my creative business up and running again, AND … blog more consistently!

How about you? How was your February?

View out our picture window during one of our February snowstorms!
7 thoughts on “Reflecting on February”
  1. Sounds like the way my month has gone.

    Illness, injury, family disruptions, income disruptions, technical glitches and so on. Life is what happens while you’re making other plans.

    However, good things are happening too: new friends, new opportunities, new connections, steps toward furthering my dreams. I even managed to help others move forward in achieving their dreams.

    It was a full month.
    Kina Diaz DeLeon recently posted..Mental illness, physical illness, and mommy guilt

  2. What an amazing view from your window! I have enjoyed being part of various blog challenges…one blog a day for the entire month, for both January and February, and have therefore discovered some great new blogs, in the process.
    Caro Ness recently posted..New Theme: Responsive

  3. Hi Karen,

    I don’t have snow where I am here in Florida, but the first two months went by way too fast, and from all appearances, March will be no different. But I keep plodding on, doing whatever I can and hoping that one day I’ll have enough time for blogging. I can dream, can’t I? Congratulations on your anniversary!
    Angela Joseph recently posted..Welcome

  4. February was a long month (for a short month). It was filled with injury and learning to “let go” when a goal cannot be met. It was also filled with personal heartache, but nothing devastating or life changing. I’m looking forward to March and all the promise that spring brings.
    Heather recently posted..Again

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