Product Review: NORWEX

Have you ever heard of Norwex? No?

Well, for this June 2 catch-up post as part of my article writing variety challenge, I am writing this product review post so you can learn about this amazing company called Norwex and its products. They are celebrating their 20th year in business, promoting “cleaning without chemicals” through environmentally-friendly and responsible products.


Norwex Logo

The mission and purpose of Norwex is simply this:

Norwex is committed to radically reducing the use of chemicals

in personal care and cleaning

to promote health.

More than ever we feel the need to emphasize

the positive environmental impact

of reducing chemical use.

To accomplish this goal, the founders of Norwex have worked to develop a line of products that use only water and their patented microfiber antibacterial microsilver cloths, or cleaning products made with natural products–no chemicals.

I originally heard of Norwex when my sister had an online Facebook party; I ordered my first product, the Enviro Cloth, and was instantly sold on it. It cleans surfaces without leaving behind any particles or lint the way paper towels or other cloths do, and surfaces such as counters, glass stovetops, and cabinets even stay cleaner and dust-free longer.

My youngest daughter, Joy–a wife, mom, and homemaker–was also sold on the products and decided to become a consultant for Norwex. I hosted an online Facebook party to help her get started and earned some more products (they have a generous hosting package!)

I discovered when you combine the Enviro Cloth with the Window Cloth, you have an awesome cleaning combo. You can clean windows, mirrors, and glass stovetops using the Enviro Cloth and water, and then dry and polish them with the Window Cloth. WOW – clean, shiny, no lint, particles, or streaks left behind!

I also have and use numerous other products including the Kitchen Scrub Cloth, the Veggie and Fruit Scrub Cloth, the SpiriSponge,  and the Dusting Mitt, with the same amazing and satisfying results.

Also, the Cleaning Paste not only smells lemony fresh, but it works great on cleaning glass coffee pots and glass stovetop surfaces, as well as chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, and porcelain surfaces.

Believe me, as someone who suffers from allergies and asthma–the ability to clean WITHOUT chemicals and to reduce dust build-up (and its rapid return) is wonderful!

My favorite personal product–makes you feel like you enjoyed a spa treatment–is the Mediterranean Olive Oil Salt Scrub, which leaves skin velvety soft. For facial skin care –using only water–the Makeup Removal Cloths quickly and easily remove oil and makeup from face, eyes, and neck.


You can view their flipbook of products HERE(or click on the image). Then, if you want to order anything, my daughter’s consultant ordering page is HERE and she would be so pleased to assist you. As a young mom of one with another due in a couple months, this is one of her sources of income. In fact, she even did a demo video of some of the products.

So there’s my product review for something I actually use and appreciate. Are environmentally friendly products important to you? Have you used Norwex products? If so, what do you think of them? If not, do you think you might want to try them?

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  1. I’ve tried some commercially available “natural” products and have been disappointed. There are certain things I will stay away from, though, including anything with microbeads (now starting to be banned). I’ve also stayed away from antibacterial products for many years.
    Alana recently posted..A Day a Year in the Making

  2. I love that you are doing a blog diversity challenge. This is a wonderful way to expand your writing abilities. I will be sure to read up on the Norwex line of products too. 🙂

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