Procrastination is a Lack of Self-Control

Wouldn’t you know it? I have a real life example to share with you that substantiates this next post in my blog series on Preventing Procrastination and Pursuing Purpose: Procrastination is a lack of self-control.


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Remember, in my opening post for this series, I quoted Joyce Meyer, when she said:

It takes self-control to DO something,

and it also takes self-control NOT to do something.

In other words, we can choose to exercise self-control to prevent and overcome procrastination…or not!

Well, the reason I didn’t get this post done yesterday on schedule was because I continue to struggle with managing my time well, especially regarding my grad course assignments. I honestly don’t exercise the measure of self-control that I should to work on my assignments throughout the week, instead of saving it all for the weekend and the last minute submission on Sunday nights.

If any of you thought I’m offering this series because I have arrived at that point in my life where I have it all together…sorry to disappoint you! I’m writing about it as I learn, as it becomes clearer to me where my errors are and where I need to change — and I publish it in this blog in the hopes that my own revelation of different issues might be helpful and insightful to others who visit and read my blog. 🙂

So anyway, I wrote three articles yesterday, spent time with hubby watching the NASCAR race, and then spent several hours completing my grad course assignment, submitting it just past midnight. At that point, I was mentally exhausted and also falling asleep at my laptop, so I knew this post would have to wait. It dawned on me today that I now had the perfect example to accompany this post about another aspect of procrastination: lack of self-control to either do, or not do, something.

My goal, of course, is to try to do a little each day on my grad course assignment each week and make every attempt to submit it by Friday night, so I can do fun and/or leisurely activities on the weekend — and make hubby much happier that I’m NOT working or studying!  I’d also prefer to not do any freelance work on weekends, but I have to weigh pros and cons on claiming decent-paying opportunities when they arise — or not — and if I choose to, I need to just do them right away, rather than letting them linger until the last minute.

There are other areas I can admit, to may shame,  that represent struggles with self-control related to procrastination, such as fully intending to eat better but not always planning ahead soon enough and settling for something less nutritious–or intending to do a full workout, but lingering too long reading or socializing on Facebook cuts into that time and I end up doing an abbreviated workout, or none at all.

The next post in the series: Procrastination is…{{gulp}} an unwillingness to finish what we start! (Ouch).

Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task. 

~William James

So what about you, if you dare to share? What areas of life tend to trip up your ability to exercise self-control to either do the right thing or not do the wrong thing?

One thought on “Procrastination is a Lack of Self-Control”
  1. As someone who is 60 years old, I (perhaps) take a different view of life. I’ve reached a point in my life where you say “hey, I’m glad to be alive and if I don’t get everything on my daily to-do list accomplished because stuff happened I didn’t expect or couldn’t plan for, well, so be it.” I am a part time caregiver, and I know that can very easily get out of control if the condition of the person I am caregiving for gets worse. I do try not to overload myself because I know that day will come one day where I will have to drop a lot of things to take on this role more full time. I wish you success – we all learn together through life and you don’t have to be perfect at something to pass along the wisdom you’ve learned. Go for it!
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