Procrastination Is a Barrier

Welcome to the next post of my new blog series. The theme for this series is “Preventing Procrastination and Pursuing Purpose.”  The first few posts will address procrastination and how it adversely affects our lives. For instance, procrastination tends to be the enemy of precision, of establishing a schedule with specific tasks at designated times and on set days–not “someday” or”whenever.”


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In yesterday’s post, we learned that “procrastination is a barrier, a lack of self-control, an unwillingness to finish what we start, and an inability to fulfill our potential.” This post will address areas in which procrastination is a barrier.

These are areas I can identify as struggles in my own life:

Scheduling and meeting deadlines:  As I mentioned, procrastination tends to be a barrier to establishing specific days and times to accomplish tasks. If we keep the “I’ll get to it whenever” mentality, we typically end up being late or missing a deadline altogether. If we don’t write something down and schedule it in as soon as we know about it, we can likewise forget about something important until it’s too late to take care of it.

Better health:  Procrastination can be a barrier to better health. The longer we put off changing our lifestyles by eating better, exercising, and cutting out bad, unhealthy habits, the more chance there is that we will open the door to weight gain and health problems related to being overweight and not eating properly. The longer we put off making changes, the more weight we will gain; the longer it will take to lose the excess pounds, and the more strain we put on our bodies.

Better relationships:  Procrastination can be a barrier to better relationships. If we put off or neglect to address issues that exist in our relationships with others–spouses, significant others, children, parents, siblings, friends, co-workers, colleagues–what may be a little thing that could be easily addressed at the time, can morph into a huge problem that threatens to damage or destroy the relationship.

More peace of mind:  Procrastination can be a barrier to gaining and maintaining peace of mind. For example, every time we put off doing something we know we should do, the more that task and its impending deadline torment us and cause anxiety, frustration, and even physical illness.


These are just a few examples I can think of in my own life that demonstrate how procrastination can be a barrier to better things in our lives. [To be continued!]


Wisdom is doing now what you are going to be happy with later on.”

— Joyce Meyer


Do you agree that procrastination is a barrier? In what ways do you identify procrastination as a barrier in your life?


7 thoughts on “Procrastination Is a Barrier”
  1. I agree with you, Karen. I’ve put off pruning the highest roses outside my window. Now, they’re forming rose hips. The climber won’t produce more roses until it’s done. That’s a physical way to see procrastination.
    Francene Stanley recently posted..August 4th

  2. I think in some situations, procrastination serves us. Let’s say I have a piece of artwork I want to make. I might put it off until I get the right vision in my head. Usually, the moment I sit down to paint is right for me and it’s perfect. When it comes to paying bills, getting health checkups, having difficult conversations, or making positive healthy changes, yes, procrastination is not a good thing. Some of us are more right-brain and our fear responses get activated by words such as “deadline” or “schedule.” I’m much more productive if I schedule only 5 important tasks per day. The rest of my deadlines are definitely scheduled. I just don’t try to kill myself with overwork any more. 🙂
    Lisa recently posted..Days 18 and 19 of My California Love Trip (Santa Cruz, Mountain View, and traveling home to Detroit, Michigan)

  3. I totally agree with the peace of mind one. When you don’t do something because you know you’re just leaving it for tomorrow it gnaws at you in a very annoying manner. Whereas if you just get it over with, it’s over and you can go and do more fun things. Great post 🙂

    Now I shall try and stop procrastinating myself and go write something useful 🙂
    Irune recently posted..Seasonal Colour Analysis: Warm Autumn (Warm, Soft/Dark)

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